Recreating your world

Money, business, job and lifestyle are part of recreating our world. GPVT has come to stay and work with you to make sure you succeed. From university entry education, work-based education to promoting your business and orientation community, GPVT is one call away to help you succeeds.

Healthcare leaders have designed The Group of Professionals and Virtual Trainers (GPVT) and Digital economists based on UK and USA Professionals for professionals and Virtual Trainers worldwide.

We partner with over six education and training academics and students, including the University of Derby, Manchester and Brighton East Sussex UK. GPVT represent over 500 members and organisations, members in over five countries.

The GPVT provides members with opportunities to connect, participate, learn, advocate, and succeed. Over fifty people have graduated through the GPVT empowerment program, while over a hundred have created their cooperative organisation through our free education and training community.

GPVT updates its website every week to continue providing you with health promotional information from the evidence-based research community and scholars worldwide.

you can engage with the orientation community on our website, contact local and international businesses worldwide, and find education and training organisations

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